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Market development manager Operation Department Shenzhen, Guangdong 1-3 years junior college

Place of work:Shenzhen, Guangdong

Job description

Be responsible for the overall control of the company's market development work, including organizing, participating in and guiding the formulation of business plans, and the approval of media and activity plans

• set and support the completion of business objectives through annual / monthly business plans;

• participate in and complete the annual / quarterly market activities and projects organized by the company;

• organize local market activities;


1. Marketing, communication, design, advertising, marketing, journalism and other related majors

2. College degree or above, more than five years of marketing and brand promotion experience, more than three years of team management experience;

3. Strong market planning ability, copywriting ability and organization and implementation ability of marketing activities;

4. Experience in market promotion and expansion of high-end brands and private clubs is preferred.

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